How Can My Business Get Involved?

How you can help

100 Women Who Care Wilmot is committed to turning 100% of members' donations to the charity/not-for-profit chosen to receive our support.

There is no "100 Women Who Care" Head Office eating up members' donations.  All chapters across Canada and the U.S. are totally grass-roots.

Charities supported are local (Wilmot) based or directly impact Wilmot residents. An example of the latter would be the Kitchener-based "Nutrition for Learning" program or the early reading program "Operation Strong Start" both running at our Wilmot schools.

However, especially when a new chapter starts up like ours, there are certain expenses.

This is where corporate/community sponsors play a valuable and necessary role.

There are a variety of ways that your business can support 100 Women Who Care Wilmot:

  1. Sponsor a woman to join 100 Women who Care Wilmot. Although the $400 annual cost is reasonable, some women are unable to commit to this. This is where you can help, covering, in full or in part, a worthy new member of the organization.
  2. Printing/photocopying costs for hand-outs that are available at each meeting. These documents deal with Membership Commitment and Sponsoring a Charity.
  3. Incidental costs that may occur i.e. minimal postage, cost for printing ballots used to record members' choice of charity or other small expenses that may occur.

You may select which cost area you wish to support or indicate that 100 Women who Care Wilmot may use the donation where they see it is most needed.