About 100 Women Who Care Wilmot: Our Policies

Policy #1

After a charity receives the majority vote and 100 Women Who Care Wilmot's funding support, they cannot be nominated again for 3 years (12 meetings).

Policy #2

After a charity has been nominated and invited to speak twice in one calendar year and has not been chosen, it cannot be nominated again that year. Its nomination will be withdrawn for the rest of the calendar year.

Policy #3

Members joining in 2017/18 commit to donating Members joining in 2017 commit to donating 4 times per year, either in person, sending with a friend who is attending or by sending a cheque for $100.00 to Treasurer, Wanda Cakebread at 10 Garden Pl., New Hamburg ON N3A 2E6. The member’s name and address should be on the cheque or written on the envelope.