Announcing 100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn

100 Men Who Give a Damn founder, Mark Murray

100 Men Who Give a Damn founder, Mark Murray, at our November 2018 meeting.

Mark Murray would like to announce the formal creation of the "100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn". The organization will mirror the 100 Women Who Care: Wilmot, meaning that the men's organization will meet four times a year, each member will donate $100 at each meeting, and then $10,000 will be awarded to the non-profit organization selected by the majority of the members.

Puddicombe House has once again generously donated their facility to host our quarterly meetings and the John Bear GMC dealership in New Hamburg has agreed to be our first sponsor.

If anyone knows a man in their life that would be interested in becoming one of the 100 Men of Wilmot Who Give a Damn, please have them contact Mark Murray at or 905-693-5400.



Third time's a charm for the Wilmot Family Resource Centre

100 Women Who Care: Wilmot member Wanda Cakebread, who nominated WFRC, with Trisha Robinson, the Wilmot Family Resource Centre's Executive Director.

100 Women Who Care: Wilmot member Wanda Cakebread, who nominated WFRC, with Trisha Robinson, the Wilmot Family Resource Centre's Executive Director.

It was "third time lucky" for the Wilmot Family Resource Centre at the November meeting of 100 Women Who Care: Wilmot on Wednesday, November 15.

This was the third time that Trisha Robinson, Executive Director of WFRC, stood before the group of local women with her pitch for the evening's donations. The WFRC was unsuccessful on previous occasions, but Trisha's heartfelt presentation was obviously effective this time, as she walked away with $9,800 for her organization, following a vote by members. The meeting was held at Puddicombe House in New Hamburg.

Also at the meeting as a special guest was Sharon Gilroy-Dreher, representing Toasty Toes sock drive. Members of 100 Women Who Care: Wilmot were asked to bring pairs of women's socks that will be donated to those in need. 202 pairs were collected on the night.

100 Women Who Care: Wilmot has donated $86,990 to local causes since it was founded in 2015.

Sharon Gilroy-Dreher, representing Toasty Toes

Sharon Gilroy-Dreher, representing Toasty Toes



100 Women Who Care donates to Women's Crisis Services

100 Women Who Care donates to Women's Crisis Services

Our winner for May 2017, Women's Crisis Services.

by Nancy Silcox

What happens when almost 100 community-minded women and girls get together four times a year to turn their attention to worthy charities — charities which impact the lives of Wilmot Township residents?

If the recent May meeting of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot was any indication, the result was a celebration combining fun, fellowship, education, and considerable pride in accomplishment.

When the member votes were counted at the Puddicombe Banquet Hall, the Women's Crisis Services of Waterloo Region had been selected as the recipient of over $9,600 from 100 Women Who Care Wilmot members. WCSWR executive director Mary Zilney was on hand to talk about the organization's services and to accept 100 Women Wilmot's donation.

Women's Crisis Services offers temporary accommodation and support to women and children, including a number of families living in Wilmot Township who are experiencing abusive home environments. Last year, 10 Wilmot families became WCSWR Outreach clients; three stayed at Anselma House in Kitchener; three took refuge at Haven House in Cambridge.

Other presenters for the May meeting were Strong Start for Learning of Waterloo Region and the Drayton Entertainment Foundation.

Now entering its third year of operation, the 100 Women Who Care Wilmot organization has donated a total of over $70,000 to registered charities in Wilmot Township and those in the wider Waterloo Region which serve local needs.

Past selected organizations have included Interfaith Counselling, Hospice of Waterloo Region, the National Service Dogs, and Suicide Prevention of Waterloo Region.

With membership approaching 100, the group aims to top the 100-member mark by the next meeting on Aug. 16. Please contact membership chair Joyce Stankiewicz moc.sregor@ecyoj if you would like to become a part of this dynamic local organization. School-aged female children and teens are encouraged to join as well.

A version of this article appeared in The New Hamburg Independent.



Update: National Service Dogs "R" Litter



Here's an update from National Service Dogs, our very first recipient in August 2015.

Meet Rosco, Rocky, Rudy, Rocco and Rosie.

The NSD "R" litter was born to NSD Diamond and NSD Vedo on May 12, 2016. The R Litter is almost 11 months old. Yes puppies do grow quickly. They will spend approximately two years training to be future life-changers as they reach their Certified Service Dog designation. Thank you for being an important part of their journey.

At 11 months old, they been socialized well and life experiences are growing daily. A puppy of this age may test the handler to see how much they can get away with. Fortunately, our puppy raisers are prepared for this and are one step ahead. Increased expectations at this age help keep them motivated. Food rewards and physical praise keep him on track. Their puppy raisers are now seeing the benefits of consistency and calmness in training. Gentle massage and regular daily grooming help the handlers assert themselves in a quiet and non-invasive manner. These exercises also prepare the pups for massage during advanced training and handling during veterinary exams.

The early excursions and situations are now being expanded upon. Testing in new environments with unfamiliar people such as clowns, mannequins, people in uniform or places with strange smells such as hospitals, pet shops, and farmer's markets are a regular occurrence. Puppy classes will include trips to the park, pet stores and department stores. Spacious training areas like parks and busy pet stores, malls and department stores present all sorts of distractions that are hard for some pups to resist at first. With practice and patience, the R litter is gradually learning to focus on their handlers and not on the environment.

They still have a lot of learning and growing to do before returning to the NSD kennel for advanced training. NSD puppies-in-training are continuously evaluated for personality, fitness and skill which will help determine which NSD program they are best suited for and eventually will be assigned to. National Service Dogs puppies have been bred for temperament and physicality. A calm and confident temperament will ensure their success.

Puppy sponsorship is a vital part of an NSD puppy's journey from pup to working service dog. During Spring team training and the graduation of 15 more life-changing dogs, we are reminded of your generosity. We could not do this vital work without you! Thank you for helping.



SAWW is our February 2017 winner

From left: Paula Prong, Tana Nash (Exec. Director of WRSPC), Nancy Silcox (100 Women), and Franz Henke.

From left: Paula Prong, Tana Nash (Exec. Director of WRSPC), Nancy Silcox (100 Women), and Franz Henke.

54 women - and two girls - from across Wilmot gathered at Puddicombe House on a cold February evening for our first meeting of 2017.

Three charities were profiled: Waterloo Wellington Science Fair, Suicide Action Wilmot Wellesley (SAWW), and the Wilmot Family Resource Centre. The winner, by vote of the members who were present, was SAWW, represented by the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council (WRSPC).

Tana Nash, Executive Director of WRSPC, and presenters Franz Henke and Paula Prong - who lost a son to suicide - received over $9,000 to continue their important work.


100 Women Who Care: Wilmot gets together four times a year, and this is an excellent way to meet dynamic women and network in your community. The next gathering is Wednesday, May 15th at 7:00 p.m. at Puddicombe House.

With more members in Wilmot and surrounding townships, more charities will benefit. Find out more about us here.



Community Care Concepts is clear vote getter for November

Community Care Concepts is clear vote getter for November

100 Women Wilmot held its 6th meeting on November 19th at Puddicombe House Banquet Hall in New Hamburg. Members welcomed three charities to consider: Forest Glen Elementary School's "Greening the Glen" project which is building an outdoor learning centre for students; Community Care Concepts of Wilmot, Wellesley and Woolwich which provides home support for residents in need; and Nithview Community's art and music project for seniors.

It was a tough choice for members but after the vote, Community Care Concepts was the clear vote getter. They will receive just over (000 from 100 Women who Care Wilmot. This will assist in opening a "storefront" CCC office in New Hamburg. Executive Director Cathy Harrington was on hand to receive the symbolic "Big Cheque."

We look forward to our Feb 15, 2017 meeting when another 3 charities that support residents of Wilmot will be featured.

Our host, Puddicombe House brought a special treat to the meeting. A sampling of Puddicombe's Spa products were available to sample as well as a draw for a gift basket worth $200. The delighted winner of the basket was member Shirley Dunford.

Look for another surprise meeting-ending treat for our February 15, 2017 meeting.



Thank you, Stonecroft Homes!

Thank you, Stonecroft Homes

Thanks to Stonecroft Homes for paying for this giant 100 Women Who Care Wilmot cheque.

Which charity's name will be on it? Members will make their choice and vote after hearing 3 charities' presentations at our next meeting Wednesday, February 17.



100 Women tour of Puddicombe House's new banquet hall

The 100 Women Who Care Wilmot steering committee with Puddicombe House's Nick Cressman

The 100 Women Who Care Wilmot steering committee with Puddicombe House's Nick Cressman.

Thanks to Nick Cressman for giving the 100 Women Who Care Wilmot steering committee a guided tour of Puddicombe House's stunning new banquet hall. They're putting the finishing touches to the interiors, and this is where we'll be holding the next 100 Women Wilmot members' meeting. This is going to be a great venue for our quarterly get togethers.

After the tour the steering committee discussed our next members' meeting, before selecting the 3 charities who will give a presentation February 17.



Congratulations to Hospice Waterloo Region

A full house at the Wilmot Recreation Centre on Wednesday, November 26 saw 3 area charitable organizations vying for the most votes of the 100 Women Who Care Wilmot organization.

They were:

  • The Sir Adam Beck School Orchestra
  • Strong Start for Reading, and
  • Hospice Waterloo Region.

When the votes were counted Hospice came out on top. They will receive over $9000 from 100 Women Wilmot.

With membership now over 100 women, the amount of our donations to worthy charities that serve Wilmot Township continues to increase.



Junior members to name National Service Dogs puppies

The junior members of 100 Women Who Care Wilmot were tickled pink when the National Service Dogs (NSD) were selected to get our first BIG donation.

The girls been invited to come down to the NSD kennel to see the latest litter of puppies. AND, they are going to get to name the pups. How cool is that?

Please visit if your daughter would like to join Kids Who Care, too.



Our first meeting is an unqualified success!

You couldn't have scripted this better.

On International Love your Dog Day and at our first ever 100 Women Who Care Wilmot meeting, the National Service Dogs captured the most votes. They'll be awarded our multi-thousand $$$ donation.

Soooooo proud and grateful to the Steering Committee members. Big dreams like this only work with the help of many caring people. Thanks Joyce, Wanda, Cheryl, Nigel, Donna and Marilyn.